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DIAMOND KABUKI Dual Powder Blush Brush is able to quickly picks your loose powder. It is a two-way foundation brush that evenly brushes the entire face and creates a 3D outlook and a natural finish makeup.

Also able to pick your blush color and create a natural lightweight yet rosy cheeks!


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Kabuki Diamond Brush - Product Packaging



A well-known brand for handmade brushes. LSY professional cosmetics and cleansing brushes with the concept of “precision making of the brush”. Washing your face is not just about getting rid of the surface dirt, but also about getting rid of the dead cells and impurities which you cannot see. The brush loosens the skin around a blackhead and it will pop out without leaving a gaping pore – called the LAMSAMYICK x Liu Yan Brush.

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Specification & Usage

Capacity 1 x Diamond Kabuki Brush
1 x Brush Stand / Holder
Benefits ✓ Light-weight

✓ Soft & Delicate

✓ Picks up loose powder quickly

✓ Even application on face

Expiry  – 
Made In Taiwan

Light Peak Sheep Hair


1. When using loose powder / two-way foundation: use the side of the KABUKI brush, the powder will quickly and evenly apply onto face, creating a distinctive three-dimensional outlook with a complete natural makeup.

TIP: After picking the powder, shake to remove excess powder. Start applying from the nose outwards and then focus on the T-zone area. Complete makeup by using the brush in a circular direction.

2. When using blusher: use the top side of the KABUKI brush to pick blush color, creating a natural light & rosy cheek color.


3 Ways to Use the Stand

1. Hanging the brush facing downwards.
2. Place brush lying on the stand. Base is made in a concave design, so brush will not roll away.
3. Hang brush facing upwards (inverted).


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