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[CLEARANCE] Solone Creamy Matte Lipstick

From: SGD2.10 85.9%

[CLEARANCE] Solone Flight Of Fancy Makeup Box Series

From: SGD2.10 69.7%

Solone Melted Cream Lip Tint

From: SGD2.40 84.9%

Solone Hello Kitty Waterproof Eye Pencil

From: SGD8.90 25.2%

[CLEARANCE] Solone Makeup Sponge

From: SGD1.80 69.5%

Solone Hello Kitty Curling Mascara

SGD11.90 20.1%

[CLEARANCE] Solone Flight Of Fancy Tinted Blush

From: SGD2.40 79.8%

Solone Multi Function Makeup Brush

SGD4.90 16.9%

Solone Hello Kitty Makeup Box x8 Colors

SGD6.90 22.5%

[CLEARANCE] Solone Multi Type Brush 4 in 1 & 3 in 1

From: SGD3.90 69.8%

[CLEARANCE] Solone Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

From: SGD2.40 84.9%

[CLEARANCE] Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner

From: SGD2.80 79.9%

Solone Flight of Fancy Crystal Powder Foundation

From: SGD12.90 23.7%