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Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner

SGD13.90 SGD10.90 21.6%

Solone Classic Eyeshadow Kit

SGD17.90 SGD13.90 22.3%

Solone Flight Of Fancy Tinted Blush

SGD11.90 SGD8.90 25.2%

Solone Shading Contour

SGD6.90 SGD4.90 29%

Solone Nude Matte Shadow Stick

SGD14.90 SGD11.90 20.1%

Solone Soft Glow Pressed Powder

SGD13.90 SGD9.90 28.8%

Solone Smooth Brow Palette

SGD16.90 SGD12.90 23.7%

Solone Hello Kitty Makeup Box

SGD6.90 SGD5.90 14.5%

Solone Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

SGD15.90 SGD12.90 18.9%