LSY Clean Face Brush – S Shape Black

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A skincare brush that helps to maintain your facial condition through daily cleansing. Clean your face with LSY Brush, relaxes and clean every single part of your face. Enjoy the lifting effect too just by cleansing.

With a 0.7mm brush bristle diameter, that is smaller than the facial pores, it can penetrate deep into the pores and thoroughly cleanse your pores where all underlying dirt is hiding before it breaks out, Recommended for daily usage, whenever you cleanse your face in the morning and night.


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A well-known brand for handmade brushes. LSY professional cosmetics and cleansing brushes with the concept of “precision making of the brush”. Washing your face is not just about getting rid of the surface dirt, but also about getting rid of the dead cells and impurities which you cannot see. The brush loosens the skin around a blackhead and it will pop out without leaving a gaping pore – called the LAMSAMYICK x Liu Yan Brush.

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Deep Cleansing




Dull Skin


Normal, Sensitive

Specification & Usage

Capacity 77 x 20 mm
Benefits ✓ Soft & Dedicate

✓ Light-Weight

✓ Clear Out Old Skin Cells

✓ Penetrates Deep Into Pores 

✓ Foam Up Easily

Expiry Recommended to replace it every 8-10 months.
Made In Taiwan

Synthetic Hair


1. Squeeze an appropriate amount of cleansing product on your palm.

2. Wet brush and foam your cleansing product in a circular direction until sufficient foam formed.

3. Wash face using a bottom-up approach. Start by massaging in a circular direction from your Chin > Cheeks > T-zones (Forehead and Nose)


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