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CORINGCO Ash Brown Professional Brush 10pcs/Set

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Ash Brown Professional Brush designed to set and highlight the face for a perfected skin finish. Each tool was designed with a specific use in mind. It is made of very fine fibers and very soft. Prevents the propagation of bacteria and can be used for a long time clean. Each brush handle is made from a lightweight sustainable of wood which is available in coats of paint and making them scratch resistant and guaranteed to last.

This brush set can be used with wet and dry products. As well, brush case is prefect for travel and can fit essential makeup pencil and mascara. The brushes are synthetic, vegan and cruelty free.

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Do you remember the excitement of starting your first makeup? It’s a clumsy makeup, but it’s a fun and thrilling time in my mirror, and Coringco keeps that moment. Coringco have created a reasonable product line so that even girls and boys who are new to makeup can enjoy healthy and good products. The package that stimulates curiosity contains cheerfulness and bouncing personalities, and organizes the process of seeing and applying. Coringco are constantly striving to make everyone feel healthy and energetic, regardless of age. What began in 2006 as a manufacturer of makeup brushes, Coringco has now expanded its venture into skincare and makeup.

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Brown, White


Capacity Powder Brush x1 (Length: 15.5cm)

Blusher Brush x1 (Length: 14.5cm)

Foundation Brush x1 (Length: 14.5cm)

Shading Brush x1 (Length: 14.5cm)

Gradation Brush x1 (Length: 14cm)

Eyeshadow Brush x1 (Length: 14.5cm)

Eyeliner Brush x1 (Length: 14cm)

Lip Blending Brush x1 (Length: 18cm)

Eyelash & Comb Brush x1 (Length: 14cm)

White Case x1 (Width: 7.0cm Length: 20cm)

Benefits ✓ Can be Used with Wet or Dry Products

✓ Synthetic, Vegan & Cruelty Free

✓ Fine & Soft Fibers

✓ Various Sizes of Blending Brushes

Expiry Recommended to clean brushes every 1 to 2 weeks.
Made In Designed by Korea. Produced in China
Material Wood, Aluminum, Synthetic (Vegan).

Powder Brush
Swirl the brush over powder and apply to the face in large, circular motions. To blend blush or bronzer, use the brush side and blend in back and forth motions.


Blusher Brush
Swirl the brush over powder and apply to the face in large, circular motions.


Foundation Brush
Dip the brush into foundation and apply to the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and upper neck. Blend outwards from the nose using long strokes.


Shading Brush
Place color across the entire lid for an even and strong application of product.


Gradation Brush
Blend shades of eye shadow seamlessly using small back and forth motions.


Eye Shadow Brush
Dip the brush into eye shadow and apply evenly all over the eyelid in smooth strokes.


Eyeliner Brush
Dip the brush into eyeliner and over the lash line, working the color between the roots of the lashes. Start from the inner eye corner and move outward using short strokes.


Lip Blending Brush
Dip the brush into lip color and spread on lips from the middle of the lip outwards. Dip the brush into concealer and use tapping motions to blend over desired area.


Eyelash & Comb Brush
It is used to comb your eyebrows and eyelashes. Recommended to use when combing a lumped mascara.


White Case
Storage brushes.

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