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Invisible Eyelid Tape is a revolutionary ‘water activated’ eyelid tape made out of fiber lace material. Absolutely invisible, melt into the skin. Easy to use. just lightly spray or wet the eyelid tape then apply onto your eyelid for best result. Tweezer and push stick provided in the box.


AKSI Invisible Eyelid Tape - intro AKSI Invisible Eyelid Tape - intro AKSI Invisible Eyelid Tape - intro AKSI Invisible Eyelid Tape - intro


AKSI Beauty

AKSI Beauty is a beauty brand based in Indonesia. Designed to cater beauty conscious women. All AKSI Beauty products are ‘cruelty free’ and the eyelashes are proudly ‘handmade’ in Indonesia. AKSI Beauty means beautiful, alluring, and action. Because they simply believe every woman is AKSI Beauty and AKSI Beauty “begins with you”

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Long-Lasting, Setting




Capacity 120pcs Tape, 1 Tweezer, 1 Push Stick
Benefits ✓ Great For Drying

✓ Made From Sturdy Material

✓ Rose Gold Colour

Made In Indonesia
Material Fiber Lace

1. Make sure eyelid is free from any oil, dirt, and make up.
2. Gently take out eyelid tape using the provided tweezer.
3. Lightly spray / wet the eyelid tape with water. (The eyelid tape will become invisible when its wet)
4. Apply the tape on to your eyelid. The tape will stick perfectly and become invisible on your eyelid.
5. Push / adjust the eyelid tape using the provided push stick.


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