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WMZD 3D Fae Slimming Shaper XXL (2 Colors To Choose)

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3D Fae Slimming Shaper is designed to understand the needs and comfort of women. It is so comfortable that you could wear for 24 hours continuously! Simple to slim down with good figure by wearing WMZD 3D Fae Slimming Shaper.

Helps to enhances your cleavage, flattens your tummy and protect your uterus. Smooths bulges around your back and under arms. Hugs you without squeezing you. Improves posture and supports your back. It does not give pressure and stress to your body and allowing them to breath freely.



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WMZD developed beautiful shapewear for your butt, tummy and hips. Great control or holding without being uncomfortable. Well-made and very reasonably priced.

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XXL (30-32)


Size XL (27-30)

XXL (30-32)

3XL (32-35)

Benefits ✓ Enhances Cleavage

✓ Flattens Tummy & Protect Uterus

✓ Smooths Bulges Around Back & Under Arms

✓ Improves Posture & Supports Back

Made In China
Material Fabric

1. Put on the bra, roll the body shaper from inside to outside and fold it at the waist position of the body shaper, like a pair of shorts.

2. Put your feet into the trousers of body shaper and pull it up slowly from the bottom to the buttocks so that the buttocks are completely covered.

3. Slide the right palm down the outside of the thigh to two-thirds of the thigh, turn the palm back to the inside of the thigh, and pull the inner fat of the thigh up to the right buttock.

4. Pull up the upper part of the body shaper and put the shoulder strap into both arms. If there are buttons or zippers, please adjust them according to personal comfort.

5. Straighten up, pull the exposed flesh into the cup with the palm from the back to the armpit to the edge of the cup, and finally fold the lower edge of the chest up into the cup.

6. Try to squat down several times to make sure that the middle line behind the buttocks is right and the pants are attached to the bottom. Then adjust and check whether the body shaper is flat or not.

1 review for WMZD 3D Fae Slimming Shaper XXL (2 Colors To Choose)

    D** H****
    The price you pay will be the quality you get. It has nice design on the front but the material does not compress the abdomen area well. It does not sits squarely on the hip but stretch beyond it.
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