LSY Face Mask Brush – Marble

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LSY Face Mask Brush is made of special rubber which makes washing easy and no leftover or hard to remove face mask anymore.

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Face Mask Brush Marble - Ingredient & StepFace Mask Brush Marble - Length



A well-known brand for handmade brushes. LSY professional cosmetics and cleansing brushes with the concept of “precision making of the brush”. Washing your face is not just about getting rid of the surface dirt, but also about getting rid of the dead cells and impurities which you cannot see. The brush loosens the skin around a blackhead and it will pop out without leaving a gaping pore - called the LAMSAMYICK x Liu Yan Brush.

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Specification & Usage

Capacity 100mm length
Benefits Save Wastage

Spread More Evenly

Lift Your Skin

Easier Application

Expiry Recommended to change the brushes every 8 months due to hygiene purposes.
Made In Taiwan
Material Synthetic Fibre

1. Ensure that brush is in a dry condition
2. Apply mask as needed for the required time
3. In an upward motion, remove mask residue on face. Swiping from bottom to up can create a lifting effect at the same time
4. When washing, you may wish to rinse your brush at the same time.

Face Mask Brush Marble - Usage

Step 1 : Apply Mud Mask using Face Mask Brush
Step 2 : Cleanse Mud Mask using Acne ByeBye Brush & Clean Brush
Step 3 : Routine Skin Care using V-shaped Face Lifting Brush
Step 4 : Jelly Mask using Face Mask Brush


Face Mask Brush Marble - Usage 2

-Spread mask evenly on the face easily, reducing 50% wastage
-Thick Jelly Mask, simple scrap it off within seconds
-Dip in warm water, hot application to soothe tired eyes
-Cleaning is fast and easy, brushes are non sticky

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