AKSI Beauty Brush & Sponge Shampoo 100ml



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AKSI Brush Sponge Shampoo get your brush and beauty sponge cleaned and conditioned. All in one premium cleanser which 100% natural, anti-bacterial, no parabens, no SNS, and enriched with natural oil conditioner.

One pump is powerful enough to get your brush and beauty sponge cleaned from all the makeup products.

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AKSI Brush Sponge Shampoo - Intro

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AKSI Beauty

AKSI Beauty is a beauty brand based in Indonesia. Designed to cater beauty conscious women. All AKSI Beauty products are ‘cruelty free’ and the eyelashes are proudly ‘handmade’ in Indonesia. AKSI Beauty means beautiful, alluring, and action. Because they simply believe every woman is AKSI Beauty and AKSI Beauty “begins with you”

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Deep Cleansing, Healthy




Capacity 100ml
Benefits ✓ 100% Natural Oil Conditioner

✓ Antibacterial

✓ No Parabens & SNS

✓ All In One Premium Cleanser

Expiry Stated on the packaging
Made In Indonesia
Ingredient Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil, Tea Tree, Infused Rose Oil.

1. Press one pump in a container and soak the brush.

2. Put brush into the contents and cleans the brush circling it.

3. After cleansing, lightly wash it in a running water.

4. Trim and dry the brush fur.


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