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Made of Synthetic Fibers 化纖 where bristles will not break where the roots of the bristles are slighty thicker and the tip of the bristles are thinner which provides a better elasticity.

Unique mixture of the bristle thickness to enhance tightening and lifting of the facial lines to be in well-proportion and in perfect symmetry.

Elasticity of the bristles will help massage the skin to enhance the underlying skin supporting force and helps your skincare products to stick even better on your skin and improves face’s skin texture.

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A well-known brand for handmade brushes. LSY professional cosmetics and cleansing brushes with the concept of “precision making of the brush”. Washing your face is not just about getting rid of the surface dirt, but also about getting rid of the dead cells and impurities which you cannot see. The brush loosens the skin around a blackhead and it will pop out without leaving a gaping pore – called the LAMSAMYICK x Liu Yan Brush.

Specification & Usage

Capacity 14.5cm x 3.2cm

✓ Picks up Adequate Amount of Product

✓ Spread Easily & Evenly on Face

✓ Lifting of Facial Lines

✓ Unique Bristle Thickness to Enhance Tightening

Expiry It is highly recommended to change the brushes every 8 months due to hygiene purposes.
Made In Taiwan
Material Synthetic fibre
How to use:

Direction of Use (For Masks)

Step 1: Squeeze an adequate amount of product onto palms.

Step 2: Use the brush to evenly take the product.

Step 3: Apply on the bigger surface of the face (ie. cheeks, forehead and chin).

Step 4: Apply on the smaller areas of the face where it is more difficult to reach (ie. nose areas).

(For Skin Care Products – Essence or Creams)

Step 1: Evenly take an appropriate amount of skincare product.

Step 2: Split face into different areas – (i) from chin to ear, (ii) nose to cheeks and sun accupoints (near eyebrows) and (iii) forhead to sun accupoints.

Start from one side of the face, grasp the basis of bottom-up and inside-out approach for application using the V Face Lifting Brush for massaging purposes. When brushing, focus more on the area from chin to ear for lifting. As the bristles of the brush is very soft and thin, you can even use it under your eyes gently. With the bristles’ elasticity, it helps in lifting, tightening and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. After application, skincare product will penetrate deep into the underlying skin, tightens and lifts skin.


*** TIPS: For areas under the eyes, brush it from bottom-up.
For areas above the eyes, brush it from top-down.
(Please see picture or video for demonstrations)


Step 3: Take an appropriate amount of skincare product and apply the same way to the other side of the face.

Step 4: Cleanse your V brush if required.

*** NOTE: Please wash your V brush everytime after application of any mask products.


*** TIPS: For skincare application, you do not need to wash for each use of a single product as V brush is a substitute for using your hands to apply your skincare products. You will only have to wash it after your skincare routine (eg. toner->serum->ampoule->lotion->cream). Wash it only after you have completed one skincare routine. You may also have different V brushes for different products too. It’s up to each individual.


*** TIPS: When brush is not fully dry, jelly type skincare products could still be used as it will not affect the results. After using V brush, you should cleanse it thoroughly, then use a dry towel to dry the bristle of the brush and leave it to air until the following day. Usually on the following day, the bristle of the brush is 80% dry and it could be used again.


When using V brush for application of skin care products, for best results, your brush should be fully dry. Therefore, there are many customers buying 2 to 3 more brushes for alternate use.

V Face Lifting Brush - How to Use


NOTE: As V FACE Lifting Brushes are done under antimicrobial treatment, please wash them only with water or any cleansing solution.

*** TIPS: Please wash your V brush thoroughly with facial cleanser/soap if your skincare products contain oil as just using water will not be cleanse thoroughly.

1. Rinse the brush with running water until the brush is clean. You may use your hands to wash the bristles of the brush for thorough cleansing.

2. How to check if your brush is clean?

If there are white bubbles and foams coming out from the brush while squeezing the bristles of the brush, please continue running it under clean water until the water flowing out from the bristles of the brush is clear.

3. Then squeeze dry the brush and use tissue papers to dap the excess water and dry the bristles of the brush.


Towel dry by drawing circles on a clean towel.

4. As the bristles of the brush are thick, please place it (i) lying flat onto your basin top to air dry or (ii) hang it facing downwards to dry.

V Face Lifting Brush - How to Care


1. Do Not soak your brush in water.

2. Please dab any excess water from brush bristles before airing dry.

3. If bristles of the brush still has bubbles, this means that the brush is not clean yet and this will cause brush to give off an odd strange smell.

V Face Lifting Brush - How to care 2


1. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult skin specialists.

2. For defective product, when returning, product has to be attached with the original packaging in complete packaging.

3. Upon unpacking, the product is unable to revert back to its original state of health. Thus, to apply for refund, please do not unpack and maintain the status quo when received the product.
Unless the product has defect/s, else not able to request for replacement. Thank you for your understanding.

*Results from the use of beauty product above can vary with each individual depending on multiple factors. We cannot guarantee that you will experience the same or similar results as the testimonials presented on any of our pages.
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