Solone Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Kit

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Designed by Hello Kitty X Taiwan illustrator Megan Lin. A small, cute and portable eyeshadow kit. Combination of 2 colors: No.49 Latte Coffee, matte eyeshadow (can also use as Eyebrow Powder), and No.86 Truffles Chocolate, pearl light eyeshadow. Great for daily wear, mix both colors to create gradients for a profound eye look.

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Solone Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Kit

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Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.5 cm

Glossy, Matte


Pressed Powder



Specification & Usage

Capacity Eyeshadows: 0.85g X 2 colors, double-ended eyeshadow brush X 2
Benefits ✓  Smooth eyeshadows that stick onto your eyelids.

  2 Eyeshadows: No. 49 Matte finishing, can use as an eyebrow powder & No. 86 Pearl light eyeshadow

  Brightens and profounds your eyes

  Limited Quantity

  Small size, easy to carry

  Reusable box

Expiry 5 years from manufacture date
Made In Taiwan
Ingredient IngredientAkane, sododecane, boecosane, Larol Lysne, Magresim Stearate Boron Nitride, Steanc Acad, Tac, Tnethanolamine, Methybaraben, VPIVA Cl 77492, a 77491, C 77499, CI 77266, Calcum Amum Borosicate a 77820, Tn Oxade, NO03-NO.08: C13-14 Akare, Isododecane, Isoecosare, Larol Lysre Magresum Stearate Stearic Acid, Tak, Triethanolamne, Methyparaben, VP/VA Copolymer Propyparabenr [t/ Mica (C 77019% Titanium Dicxde( 778911 C1 77492 Cl 73360, O 77491, C1 77499, C 7547O, C 17200, CI 77266, Calciumm Almrum Borosicate, Cl 77820, Tin Oxide, Cl 77288, C 4Larol

Apply eyeshadow with your fingertips or an eyeshadow brush onto your eyelids. No. 49 can be used as eyebrow powder.

Reuse Makeup Box with other Solone Eyeshadows:

1: Select a makeup box.

2: Choose your makeup combination (powder/blushers/eyeshadow).
3: Combine all the makeup products together to create your own makeup box!

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