LSY Limited Edition Hello Kitty Shining Rainbow Travel Brush Set

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Dual-use Heart-shaped Powder Blush Brush

(made of
light peak wool)

LSY most representative brushes with exclusive love styling brush. By using the side of the heart-shaped brush, dipped with powder and it will be uniformly applied onto the face, performing a three-dimensional and complete natural makeup; The arc edge of the heart-shaped brush, picks blush and create a light rosy good color.

Big Eye Shadow Brush, Medium Eye Shadow Brush

(made of
light peak wool)

Two different sizes of classic eye shadow brushes,
Great for grabbing powder, fusion eye shadow color, or do smokey colors.
Easily create deep smokey eye makeup.

Big E
ye Shadow Brush is able to easily dap onto larger eyelid area while the Medium Eye Shadow Brush can push the stack of fine lines and color effects.

◆ Retractable Flat Lip Brush

(made of synthetic hair)

Flexible synthetic hair, thin flat brush can be dampened with lipstick and lip gloss, creating a perfect lip.

Retractable pen is designed to protect the head to be not contaminated.

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With the concept of“precision making of the brush”Lam Sam Yick, a Taiwanese writing brush maker for more than a century, has successfully opened up a new market for handmade brushes with the brand“LSY professional cosmetics brushes”

Made with only the finest hair, this craft of perfection has been made the top choice makeup tool among makeup artists and stylists, and on the internet, attracted much media attention as well as caused a shopping frenzy.

Specification & Usage

Can stand upright on any table

Double Compartment Design

Comes in Handy for Travelling

✓Unique Book Style Brushes

Expiry It is highly recommended to change the brushes every 8 months due to hygiene purposes.
Made In Taiwan
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