Graduation Grade Purple Super 7 Bracelet



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Purple Super 7 helps to attract a good marriage, but also can increase personal charm, enhance the harmony of interpersonal relations. It also can enhance love luck, is a kind of crystal that is very useful for raising the spiritual level and its own frequency.

Purple Super 7 can relieve mental fatigue, help the body recover after injury and develop intelligence. Purple Super 7 has a high magnetic field, it can bring a lot of inspiration to nature, purify the mind without cleansing, balance Yin and Yang, let the body chakras get enough vitality.

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Purple Super 7 Bracelet Purple Super 7 Bracelet


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Size 11mm
More Information Grade โ€“ Graduation Grade
Chakras โ€“ All Chakras
Zodiac โ€“ All Zodiacs
Element โ€“ Earth
Recommend Hand To Wear โ€“ Left Hand
Benefits โœ“ Increase Personal Charm

โœ“ Relieve Mental Fatigue

โœ“ Balance Yin & Yang

โœ“ Enhance Immune System

Please note that photos are for reference purposes only. The crystals color may vary due to lighting and differ with different screen resolution. Due to the nature of natural crystals, it will vary slightly in shape, size, color, pattern, and it might have natural pocket, flat beads or blemish. Please do not place order if unable to accept. No exchange or refund will be provided. Please rest assure we will inspect the items before we send out.


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Only 1 left in stock

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