Eileen Grace MA+ Flawless White Mandelic Acid Renewal Lotion

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MA+ series *UPGRADED version is the SAVIOR or SUPER HERO for oily skin, pimples scars, pimples outbreaks, acne-prone skin, skin with dark spots or scars . It control excessive oil and therefore prevent outbreak. It heals your skin, resolving your pimple scars in just a few days. It smoothen, tighten your pores and restore tenderness of your skin. It will also removed the redness on those with blemish skin. Besides that, it also lighten your dark spots, whiten and brighten your face.

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Eileen Grace

There are always many products on your vanity table but there's not one product that allows you to be fully satisfied with it. Eileen graces helps combine the desire of consumers with cooperation with high-quality technology manufacturers. Determined to makeup skincare of taiwan better than imported skin care products, become your skin's mrs right!

Specification & Usage


Reduces Sebum Production

Lightens Blemishes

Removes Dark Spots

✓ Lesser Pimples Outbreak

Expiry 3 years from manufacture date
Made In Taiwan
Ingredient Aqua, zemea, orange flower water, camomile hydroglycolic extract, white oil, sodium hyaluronate solution, mandelic acid, vitamine f forte, abs pomegranate extract, yuzu cermaide b glycerol aquaphyline vitamin e acetate, allantoin
How to use:

Direction to use:

Please cleansing your skin before using the Mandelic Acid Renewal


Step 1:
Use the essence1 continuously for 3 days every week.

*For serious condition, please use the essence for 1 week and rest for 3 days before using 3 day continuously every week thereafter.

Step 2:
Use the toner2 daily after cleansing* your face.
(*if you do not have to apply the essence)

Step 3:

Use the lotion3 daily after the toner2. (1 pump will do for the entire face)




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