CORINGCO Artist Foundation Brush 20g

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Artist Foundation Brush is a makeup brush that is specialized for base make-up. Everyone can be a make-up artist with this brush. It designed to fit curves of the face and let foundation applied equally onto the face.

Soft lashes designed delicately and densely will lessen the stimulus on the skin. With the right brush for base makeup will let you look more professional.


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Do you remember the excitement of starting your first makeup? It’s a clumsy makeup, but it’s a fun and thrilling time in my mirror, and Coringco keeps that moment. Coringco have created a reasonable product line so that even girls and boys who are new to makeup can enjoy healthy and good products. The package that stimulates curiosity contains cheerfulness and bouncing personalities, and organizes the process of seeing and applying. Coringco are constantly striving to make everyone feel healthy and energetic, regardless of age. What began in 2006 as a manufacturer of makeup brushes, Coringco has now expanded its venture into skincare and makeup.

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Black, Brown


Capacity  15cm x 1.9cm (20g)
Benefits ✓ Exclusively Made for the Base Makeup

✓ Designed to Fit Curves of the Face

✓ Dense & Soft Bristles

✓ Shorten Makeup Time Greatly

Expiry Recommended to clean brushes every 1 to 2 weeks.
Made In Korea
Ingredient Plastic, Synthetic (Vegan).

1. Put an appropriate amount of BB cream or foundation on the back of your hand and apply the cream on the brush.

2. Spread the cream softly from the inside to outside following your skin texture.

3. On a curvy side, use the brush downward and tap it so that the product can be absorbed without the brush print.

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