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Humid weather is easily to affect healthy, skin texture and body metabolism. This berry polyphenol made of red wine polyphenols, rose, grape seed, cranberry and adzuki beans as its nutrition ingredients which mainly helps to reduce body humidity and keeps skin youthful.

Its powder is 20 times more concentrated than any other drink, with 100% purity. This drink helps in strengthen metabolism, maintain beauty, tonify blood and relieves tension of muscle, at the same time the nutrients keep skin nourished.

This product is great for women during menstruation and lactation periods. Suitable for vegetarian.


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Powder Drink that more effective than skincare products. 0% addictives, 100% natural and daily nutrition for you! Delicacy is not a trend, but an unique flavour. Ejia believes only the true delicacy will assimilate into life. The premium brand more than 50,570,040 packets sold! One portion sold every 3 seconds! Ejia developed health & wellness drinks that passes SGS check. Ejia does not only go through quality check for once, not just doing sample check, but a complete check for all. It is highly raved and recommended by celebrities, influencers, models and bloggers. Also, introduced and seen in TV programs, news and magazine.

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Anti-Aging, Healthy, Relaxing



Specification & Usage

Capacity 3g in one sachet, 30 sachets in a packet
Benefits ✓ Reduce Body Humidity

✓ Keeps Skin Youthful

✓ Low in Sugar and Fat

✓ Strengthen Metabolism

✓ Keep Skin Nourished

✓ Relieves Tension of Muscle

Expiry 2 years
Made In Taiwan
Ingredient Adzuki Bean Extract, Cranberry Extract Powder, Brown Sugar, Rose Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Extract.

Berry Polyphenol Red Bean - Usage


1. Can be taken at any time. However, because it is diuretic, do not take it before sleep.

2. Dissolve one to two sachets in 300 to 500ml water or any drinks you like. Juice works fine.

3. Take one to two sachets a day. Daily intake should not exceed 6 cups.

4. Continue to drink Instant Mix Drink of Black Beans for 30 days for significant results.

*Avoid direct sunlight. Store it at room temperature.

This product is great for women during menstruation and lactation periods. Suitable for vegetarian.



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