Flight of Fancy Series

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Solone Flight of Fancy Glamorous Eye Shadow 78 Colors

USD4.21 USD2.78 34%

Solone Hello Kitty Makeup Box x8 Colors

USD6.36 USD4.93 22.5%

Solone Flight of Fancy Crystal Powder Foundation

USD12.07 USD9.21 23.7%

Solone Hello Kitty Makeup Box x24 Colors

USD12.78 USD9.93 22.3%

Solone Flight Of Fancy Brow Wax/ Brow Powder

USD4.21 USD2.78 34%

Solone Flight Of Fancy Tinted Blush

USD8.50 USD6.36 25.2%

Solone Hello Kitty Makeup box x4 Colors

USD4.93 USD4.21 14.5%

Solone Flight Of Fancy Cover Up Concealer

USD4.21 USD2.78 34%